Lacing Up My Sneakers…

Hello, blogosphere and NYC Fitness Enthusiasts!

In early June of 2015, I joined the revolution that is ClassPass. And in typical me fashion, I wanted a place to track all the studios and classes I try, for reference and because I love to write almost as much as I love the idea of looking good in a bathing suit. But before we get to that, a little bit of history on me.

I have always been at least somewhat active in my teenage to adult life. Now, let’s be clear on this: “somewhat active” can be defined as very different things at different stages of my life. In college, when I had all the time in the world, I’d go to the gym daily, although it usually consisted of me listening to music on the Elliptical Machine and watching frat boys lift weights. So in terms of time, I was working out “always” but in terms of intensity, it was rare. Immediately after moving back to NYC, I’d say my activity level dropped. I spent less time running on a treadmill and more time running from bar to bar, exploring my new post-graduate life and this thing called “having money to spend.” I did a LOT of yoga, because there is a yoga studio on every block and it seems a sin to not embrace that fact, but I found fairly quickly that yoga didn’t do quite as much for my figure then I imagined. When my clothes got a little too tight for comfort in the winter of 2014, I knew it was time for a change.

I began following the blog Tone It Up and really dove in headfirst into their audience for their annual Bikini Series, an 8-week program leading up to summer to get “bikini ready.” It wasn’t a diet plan. It was a healthy living plan, with filling and nutritious recipes and an easy to follow workout schedule for the 8-weeks. Overall – it changed how I felt about myself, about food, and about exercise. Now, it’s something I want to be doing, not something I feel like I should be doing.

For the first time, I was doing quality workouts. I was waking up early to do a quick 30 minutes before work, and following up with some strength training at night. For the first time, I was seeing “tone” and “definition” on my body, whereas before, I defined being fit simply as how “skinny” I was. I ate better, I slept better, my skin and hair felt healthier. Overall, this change I made for 8-weeks inspired me to make it a long term change. I started trying new fitness classes all across the city, from cycling to boxing, interval running classes to heated Vinyasa. I couldn’t believe how much is out there, but I knew I had to try it all.

And so here I am, starting a fitness blog. More for my own benefit, but if you do find yourself reading this, I hope you can take something away from it. I want to explore all the health and fitness options this big city has to offer, and ClassPass seemed the perfect outlet to do that. So I’m about to hit the ground running in my new Nikes and see where I end up. 🙂


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