Upper West Side | FIT RxN | 30/30

I didn’t know what I was getting into when I signed up for the FIT RxN class last night. Not. Even. A. Little. (Spoiler – this is still a good review. It was just a surprise.) The description of the class says “first 30 minutes in the SpinBin” on a bike, and the next 30 “shredding and toning your core.” So in my mind, I’m saying to myself: Okay. I do spin all the time, so I’ll pump out 30 minutes on the bike, and then do some planks, kettlebells, etc. Gonna be a great workout. I had no idea. It was so much more.


Basic Breakdown 

Class Name: 30/30 (Cardio / Strength)

Instructor: Jeff Hunter

Neighborhood: Upper West Side

Sweat Factor (out of 5): 4/5

Fun Factor (out of 5): 3/5

Class Overview:

Upon arrival, our instructor, the extremely handsome Jeff Hunter, let us know we would be doing 20 minutes in the spin room. I shrugged. Okay, more time gettin’ those summer abs, amirite? I got on a bike in the front row and pounded out a solid 20 minutes of climbs and sprints. The beats were some hot R&B jams and I was loving it. The room was small, dark, and warm, but very clean, and the Livestrong bikes had little gadgets that displayed your speed/RPM and tracked your time/calories burned which was great. I pushed hard and when the twenty minutes were up, Jeff brought us all outside. For running intervals. Wait, what?!

We followed Jeff to a hilly block between West End Avenue and the river. As the sun set over the Hudson, we did 20 minutes of “3 minutes run hard, 1 minute recover” up and down this hill. Straight up thought I was going to throw up. I thought I had exhausted myself of cardio in the SpinBin, but Jeff kept us going. I hated/loved him for it. Then for the last 20 minutes we moved to a second room in the studio for toning, where we used TRX machines (my first time!). Killer workout on the lower abs, arms, and booty. Wouldn’t know what to call the actual moves we did, but they were intense and I was dripping sweat by the end. Overall – this class was INTENSE. But great to get me over the hump of the week.

Additional Details:

  • Studio has lockers and towels available free of charge, as well as a water fountain to fill up. (You’ll need it.)
  • You don’t need cycling shoes for the spin class as there are little stirrups for your feet, but just be wary as it’s not the same support as clicking in with a cycling shoe.
  • Be prepared to sweat! The rooms were hotter than I would have imagined.
  • Important: Finding the studio is a little tough. There’s a liquor store at 33 West End Ave. You have to go around the back of that building to get inside.
  • Bathrooms, but no showers or large spaces to change.
  • Fun fact: They do a monthly raffle! I put my name in for a one-on-one training session. (Which I will choose Jeff for if I win muahaha <3)

Will Visit Again?: Yes!!

Until next time…
Keep sweating xoxo


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