Upper West Side | Flywheel | Fly 45

I know it’s a bit early to make this claim but tonight at the UWS Flywheel was both the best class and best facility that I have been to so far in my…. week and a half of being a member of ClassPass.

I’m not a stranger to spin classes. Used to do them here and there back when I belonged to LA Fitness when I still lived at home. I used to be unimpressed with spinning, thinking I got very little out of the classes; plus they made me reminisce on the sad fact that I really was never good at bike riding. I imagined my legs and booty being as firm as the instructors but figured I’d never get there. When I moved into Manhattan I started going to Crank on the Upper East Side and it changed how I felt about spin classes. I began to enjoy them, feeling more motivated by the class atmosphere, the music, and the energy of the instructors. But I have never worked so hard or had such a great experience as I had tonight at Flywheel.

Before I digress, I had read up on Flywheel so I knew it was going to be amazing. Yelp reviews reported that people were swearing to never take spin class anywhere else besides this studio. Five star after five star review convinced me to give it a try. It’s like when every single person at a restaurant tells you that the Chocolate Lava Brownie Sundae is the best dessert on the menu and then you still get a piece of Cheesecake cause it’s just what you are used to.


Basic Breakdown 

Class Name: Fly 45

Instructor: Danny Zapata

Neighborhood: Upper West Side

Sweat Factor (out of 5): 5/5

Fun Factor (out of 5): 4/5

Class Overview:

I arrived at the studio and was greeted by extremely pleasant front desk staff member. When she realized it was my first time, I got a mini-tour of the facility. “Here are the lockers,” she said, “Feel free to use them as well as the 2 changing rooms, 2 bathrooms, showers, and any other space you need. Over there are your free towels, complimentary water bottles, and here are your shoes – free to rent! Also, help yourself to any fruit in the baskets, and throw your wet clothes in these bags on the way out!” Hold up. All this is included? The lockers, shoes, towels, fruit, full bottles of water? My face must have lit up as I had forgotten a water bottle and towel. Plus, the place is immaculately clean and smells fresh and new; it’s beautiful and organized and basically I’m in love with a room so let’s move on.


How I Feel About the UWS Flywheel Studio

Our instructor, Danny, was incredible. Helped me set up my bike (I always like to get help at a new studio), and told me my measurements for next time (7 for the seat, 4 for the handles). The class was super freakin’ intense. A non-stop 45 minutes of climbs and runs with different “Torqs” (resistance) and RPMs. Danny challenged us the whole time, encouraging us to keep our speed high and not give up. He was fantastic.

I also loved the TorqBoard where they list people’s “Power” scores. This lit a fire under my ass, not because I wanted to be better than the others (well, okay, yes I did), but because I wanted to see if I could move myself up in the rankings through the class and work harder. Here’s what my personal results were.


744 – 819 Calories? Don’t feel bad about that candy bar I had today anymore.

This class was exciting but unbelievably challenging, the facility was the bomb, and the instructor was amazing. My legs are jello as I type this. I feel bad for future Kristen and walking up flights of stairs tomorrow.

Additional Details:

  • I repeat – free lockers, free shoe rentals, free towels, free water, free bananas, #freedom
  • Seriously, don’t come tired. You’re going to want to go as hard as you can and slacking is not acceptable.
  • On that note, don’t come here hungover. Legit. I can’t even imagine.
  • Plenty of bathrooms, changing rooms, showers, hand sanitier, towels, and bags for wet clothes to go around.
  • Put your name on the TorqBoard. It’s a little intimidating but it really gives you that extra boost!
  • Great music playlists!
  • Fun fact: Lots of cool merch for big fans like me.

Will Visit Again?: 100% yes, sooner rather than later 🙂


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