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I’ll give credit where it’s due. Although I’m sure that KORE was on ClassPass before I found it elsewhere, the real reason I decided to try it out was an awesome article written by Well+Good (a must-read if you guys aren’t subscribed, yet!). Wednesday afternoon, I clicked into this article (listed under the ‘Good Sweat’ section, so you know it’s good) and was immediately intrigued by KORE.

I’m impressed by a lot of workout studios today, and how they make your visit there a true experience. Yeah, I know, the most important part of it is the workout itself. But a personalized experience, with complimentary fluffy towels, free water, and a bathroom stocked with dry shampoo, deodorant, leave-in conditioner, face scrub and lotions available for use, is all the nicer. Anyway, this is how the article described KORE – clean, swanky and modern – and obviously, a fantastic workout. So I was thrilled when there was still room in the Friday afternoon class for me. I immediately signed up.

(Images 1 + 3 taken from Well+Good Article)


Basic Breakdown 

Class Name: KORE Method

Instructor: Tim Anderson

Neighborhood: West Village / Meatpacking

Sweat Factor (out of 5): 5/5

Fun Factor (out of 5): 5/5

Class Overview: 

Well+Good didn’t lie – you’re impressed from the second you walk in. The studio is sleek and chic, white and bright, classy and sassy. :p Upon checking in you’re handed a towel and they have an area to fill up water bottles. Girls behind the desk were friendly, and showed me where the bathrooms were if I needed them. Lobby area also had a wall with all the KORE swag hanging on the walls. The shirts were actually great – usually I think studio-specific merch is a little tacky but these shirts had taglines like ‘BURPEES. BELLS. BEATS.’ and ‘That’s not sweat, its KORE glitter” and the one below.


Class itself? Two thumbs up. Our instructor Tim was fantastic. Gave a brief, 2 – 3 minute breakdown of what class was going to be. Divided into sections: 1) Stretch and warm up. 2) Traditional HIIT method (four sets of four moves repeated over and over) 3) “Free Time,” as Tim called it, where we did a variety strength training consisting of Kettlebells, TRX moves, and body-weight workouts on the floor, and 4) a final cardio blast with a cool down and stretching. Honestly, seems to be a super effective way to exercise. Plus Tim was supportive – helpful – encouraging – and fun! The music was great – and for a lot of the moves, you were able to hit it on the beat which I love!

Post class, the greatness didn’t end. Sparkling clean bathrooms (small, but sparkling) with toilets, showers, and vanities full of KORE’s own line of dry shampoo, cooling spray for your face, makeup remover, deodorant, powder, soaps, lotions, you name it. Plus they had cool towels soaked in Eucalyptus which smelled and felt AMAZING. LIKE AMAZING. I got dressed to go out and meet some friends over at Brass Monkey (when in the Meatpacking district!) and felt like I left the studio a new person. Not sweating – just KORE glittering. Overall, fantastic experience. The perfect mix of enjoyable and effective – I’m already signed up to go back next week!


Additional Details:

  • They have lockers free to rent that don’t need locks. Like I mentioned, towels are free and you can fill your water bottle.
  • Best stocked studio bathroom EVA

Will Visit Again?: Absolutely yes! Can’t wait!


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