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I actually visited WORK Train Fight once before, on a Ketanga Fitness Crawl. The crawl, or “Ketanga Krawl” as they call it (alliteration! yay!), was a really enjoyable experience – giving you access to three studios in one day. If I ever do another one, I’ll post on it. But anyway, that day, we did a quick rendition of a normal WORK Train Fight class, with some HIIT/cardio plus boxing moves. It was the first time I had ever done a boxing class, or really even thrown a real punch, and it was a surprisingly good time. So I was pretty psyched to see it on ClassPass. So last week, I signed up for a ‘Box Work’ class which is described on the website as “Boxing and fitness training with some of the hottest new fitness modalities in the market.”





Basic Breakdown 

Class Name: Box Work

Instructor: Kate

Neighborhood: NoHo

Sweat Factor (out of 5): 4/5

Fun Factor (out of 5): 5/5

Class Overview: I was running super late to this class because I had been apartment hunting in the East Village prior to it so I arrived already sweaty and very discombobulated. That being said, stepping into this clean, spacious, cool studio was quite refreshing. Check-in is easy. If you’re registered for the class, you just find your name on the iPads set up at the front desk, click your name, and sign in. I was a little lost finding the locker rooms (ladies’ room is in the back towards the back studio) but eventually got changed and settled. They have towels available and you can use the studio’s boxing gloves free of charge if you don’t have your own (cause who has their own? You’re badass, if you do). The gloves are, surprisingly, extremely clean and don’t smell at all. I just assumed borrowing boxing gloves would be the sweatiest thing I’ve rented from a studio, but far from. So five stars for cleanliness.

The Box Work class is held in the smaller back studio. Our class was 16 people, and we filled up the room, but it wasn’t overly cramped. Kate was our instructor – super sweet and in fantastic shape. The class was DEFINITELY intense. We started with different punching combinations (jab! cut! hook! jab!), heavy cardio (jumping jacks, burpees, high knees, etc), some kicks and squats. It was pretty exhausting, but by the end, to say we were warmed up would be an understatement. Then, we did the whole punching sequence again – holding 2.5 lb weights. My arms are sore as I type this. Kate then had us separate into stations and we did one round of four stations, 3 mins at each.
Station 1: 10 bicep curls, 10 presses, 10 weighted squats
Station 2: Freestyle puching on a bag
Station 3: 10 Jump-squats, 10 lunges, 10 pushups
Station 4: Punch combinations with Kate
The second round of stations we did two times thorugh, 1 min at each. Also I’m straight up making up what these moves are called.
Station 1: Stand-to-plank with sliding discs
Station 2: Sit-ups with cross-punches
Station 3: Forearm plank with oblique crunches
Station 4: Jabs with medicine ball against wall
Then we finished with more high knees, and those crazy football “UpDown” drills for the last few minutes.

Overall – this was a super challenging class – but I enjoyed every second of it. It was a full body workout – and one that I finally feel can help me build some upper arm strength without having to do constant pushups. Kate was an awesome instructor – I left both exhausted and energized at the same time. Plus, glad I’m learning how to punch in case I need to defend myself in a street fight one day. Hey, you never know.

Additional Details:

  • Lockers are available to rent, but bring your own lock.
  • There are also cubbies outside the back studio, which I’m sure are safe but again – I prefer to lock it up.
  • Towels are free at the front desk (large and small) and you can fill your water bottle up at the water fountains.
  • Bring some Purell or other hand sanitizer if you’re borrowing gloves. They’re clean, but still; your hands will get pretty sweaty.
  • Small bathrooms, but they do have showers and hairdryers if you need to use them after the class.

Will Visit Again?: As the Terminator once said…….



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