Midtown West | Pearl Studios | Vixen Workout NYC

Vixen, oh Vixen. Where do I begin?

I fell in love with this workout class long before ClassPass was on my radar. A good friend of mine suggested I give it a try after expressing how much I enjoyed 305 Fitness a few months back and I signed up right away. The whole concept intrigued me. Like 305, Vixen Workout was founded in Miami (where I spent my four years of college), and by none other than a Miami Heat dancer. I knew it had to be legit. I mean, come on. Miami Heat dancers are hot. If I could learn to dance even half as well as one of them, imagine the attention I’d get in the club amirite??? 😉

Anyway, I went into the class excited as hell, but kind of anxious. I did a few hip-hop classes in my youth but I knew it would be nothing like what I was stepping into. Everyone else seemed to know each other, know the dance moves, know the instructor. Honestly, I was a little nervous! But then, Josie turned on the music.


Basic Breakdown 

Class Name: Vixen Workout

Instructor: Josmery Brito aka “Josie Bee

Neighborhood: Midtown West

Sweat Factor (out of 5): 4/5

Fun Factor (out of 5): 5/5 (would rate 6/5 if possible)

Class Overview: The night of my first class a few months ago, my best friend (and favorite workout buddy) Jess and I found ourselves a nice, cozy place to stand in the second row center, where we had a good view of Josie and the obviously well-versed front-row dancers. Josie had us all put our hands on our hips (in our “Hunger Pose”) and shout loudly,

“Yes, I’m sexy! Yes, I’m fierce! Yes, I got this, YES!”

And while I felt a little awkward initially, the other women in the class shouted it with such conviction and sass that it motivated me to let myself go and get into it. And that’s exactly what I did, and what this class encourages you to do. To let go of your inhibitions and your stresses and all the other day-to-day annoyances for an hour of fun, flirty release.

Vixen’s playlist is everything- from DJ Khaled and Rick Ross to Beyonce and Iggy Azalea. The class is follow along, which is tough in the beginning, because you don’t really know the choreography; but many of the combinations repeat throughout the song so you can jump right in. (Also, this is a benefit of coming often, because once you know the moves, you can really get down.) In between choreography, the ‘Vixen Army’ (as the women in the class are called – how sick is that?!) do squats, planks, mountain climbers, and other ab-work to make sure you’re toning those target areas along with getting an unreal cardio workout. And the dancing is badass. You WERK it for the full 60 minutes (and twerk it for a good amount of time, too). There’s hair flipping, body rolling, floor smacking, and a whole lot of booty popping. So much so, that I describe Vixen to my friends as my “Booty-Popping Class.”

It’s an amazing, full-body workout and each and every time, I leave wishing I had brought a change of clothes with me. But the vibe that resonates after a class is ovwhelming that no matter how sweaty I am, I feel straight-up sexy leaving the studio. Josie closes her class reminding us to “Stay Hungry, Live Fierce!” as we pose for a group picture. It is seriously SO empowering – I recommend this to every woman, of any shape and size, just so you can experience the feeling that I do when I leave a Vixen sweat-sesh.

Vixen Group Photo Monday

Additional Details:

  • Get there early and get a good spot to dance. The classes get crowded so you want to make sure you can see yourself in the mirror / see the instructor / have some space to move.
  • No changing rooms or showers that I am aware of. There are bathrooms but I don’t believe there are showers available.
  • No lockers either, but everyone lines their belongings up in the back and along the sides of the room, so no need to worry about leaving your stuff.
  • BYO water bottle + towel

Will Visit Again?: Not even a question 🙂


Leaving Sweaty and Sassy 😉


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