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When I first heard about Mile High Run Club a while back, I was super intimidated. I’ve never been much of a runner, nor have I ever really had the desire to be a runner. I grew up playing soccer (truthfully, because my parents made me), but I wouldn’t say I was the best or had the most stamina on the field. When I got older, I would try to jogging with my dad around my neighborhood, but I would get bored, tired, crampy, and just end up walking or skipping (lol sad but true) home instead.

However, as of late, I’ve grown to appreciate running – solely for the feeling of “escape” that going for a nice, peaceful jog can give you. Hectic and stressful workdays can be remedied by long, relaxing runs through Central Park. Alternatively, I’ve found a quick 2-mile run in the morning almost has the same effect on me as a cup of coffee (NOTE: almost. Not exactly the same.). But even still. While I know I can keep up in exercise classes that require HIIT, dancing, weights, etc., I was not confident how I would do in a class centered around running on treadmills. I worried I would trip and fall off, be the slowest runner in the class, or lose all motivation and stop half-way through. Regardless, I knew I had to give Mile High a try and aim to conquer my fear of an indoor running class. And so last week, my good friend Alexa came along with me to try it out.


Basic Breakdown 

Class Name: DASH 28

Instructor: Matt Wilper

Neighborhood: NoHo

Sweat Factor (out of 5): 4/5

Fun Factor (out of 5): 3/5

Class Overview: Alexa and I arrived fairly early to our class in the hopes of getting treadmills next to one another, as well as to scope out the space. It’s in the uber-trendy NoHo area, where you can find a workout class of any shape or size, so it only makes sense that a boutique studio like Mile High would be headquartered here. The lobby is clean and bright, slightly industrial looking but not over the top. I was immediately impressed by the guy at the front desk. He happily made a few adjustments on his computer and let Alexa and I know that he managed to put us next to each other right in the front by the mirrors. What an angel.

The studio is awesome – super futuristic looking. The front wall is mirrored so that every runner can see themselves and their form while on the treadmills. Bright, neon-colored lights gave the room a modernistic glow. The treadmills were in great condition; there were three rows of about 12 treadmills, so it was a perfect class size. Our instructor, Matt, introduced himself and explained what class would be: a quick few minutes of warm-up drills, then 4 running intervals, followed by some strength training with kettlebells and a stretch session at the conclusion of class. Matt explained briefly for the newbies (aka Alexa and I) that you should have four running “levels” – Level 1 (recovery level), Level 2 (fast jog/slow run), Level 3 (run – the level you want to get to at each interval), and Level 4 (fast run/sprint).


Drills were quick – we did some high-knees, jumping jacks, lunges, and squats to get our lower body ready for the run. Then we had two 3-minute intervals and two 6-minute intervals with recovery in between. During each interval, we would start at a high Level 2 or low Level 3, with a goal of reaching a high Level 3 or a Level 4 at the end. Various levels of incline were assigned for each interval as well. The best word to describe this class is “exhilarating.” A “spin class on treadmills,” Alexa coined it, the class is motivated by the perfect playlist; each song seems to be perfectly timed with your current run. No incline and high speed? We had some Jack Ü / Justin Bieber cranking. Pushing it up a big incline? How about some heavy R&B beats to push you along? Matt was super motivating – coming around and cheering on each runner, yelling out words of encouragement and complimenting people on their efforts. He would also give lots of time updates: “One minute until you’re halfway done!” “Thirty seconds until you’re on your last minute!” I loved this, because it helped me figure out when I could give that last burst of effort without fear of burning out too early. The kettlebell portion was surprisingly difficult. For me, at least. Maybe I was beat from the almost 3-mile run, but I had some shaky legs by the end of this segment. But the class absolutely flew by – the 45 minutes was done in the blink of an eye. A super quick but extremely effective workout, Mile High left Alexa and I feeling rejuvenated, refreshed, and really, really sweaty.


A little blurry, but thanks to Matt for snapping this picture

Additional Details:

  • Lockers, bathrooms, and showers – all new and clean – are available for you. Also, a water bottle refill station! Yay!
  • There will be a towel on each treadmill for your use (but you can also grab extra if needed)
  • I think they have foam rollers for those who need them after a long run
  • If you can somehow snag a first row treadmill, it’s AWESOME being right in front of the mirror. Really lets you focus on your form and posture while you run
  • I know they also do a 45-minute run as well as an Outdoor “Adventure” Run for those who want straight cardio or a change of scenery
  • Even if you are not a fan of running, TRY this class! You have total control over your speed and incline, so if it ever gets too intense, you can tone it down a little without tapping out entirely.

Will Visit Again?: Alexa and I are planning her birthday party at Mile High Run Club as we speak. So….yeah.




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