Flatiron | The Fhitting Room | Signature FHIX

I’ve been trying to fhit The Fhitting Room into my routine for a long time now. My first encounter with this studio was literally walking right by it. It was a typical Wednesday; I was on a date and we were strolling down W 19th Street looking for a cozy little wine bar to slip into for a drink when we walked past The Fhitting Room. I caught a glimpse of what was going inside and quickly left my date’s side to press my nose and hands against the glass. I could see people doing burpees (ouch!), box jumps (eek!), and kettlebell swings (yay!). Everyone seemed to be in incredible shape, and amazingly enough, despite the crazy work-out moves they were performing, they were all SMILING. My date asked if I was okay and I turned, grabbing his wrist, asking “Have you heard of this? What is this place? Do you know anyone who goes here?! IS IT ON CLASSPASS?!” And while I would have traded my evening date with this boy for a 50-minute date with one of those trainers, that night there was wine instead of weights. Needless to say, it didn’t go anywhere with this guy. But Fhitting Room stayed top of mind.

So for weeks I would wait for the clock to strike noon in an attempt to sign up for Fhitting Room classes, and FINALLY I got a chance to take one. I waited patiently for the day to arrive, and when it finally did, I could not have been more excited to walk into that modern, clean, sleek green studio to get my FHIX on.

fhitting room 1

Basic Breakdown 

Class Name: Signature FHIX

Instructor(s): Dennys & Farouk

Neighborhood: Flatiron

Sweat Factor (out of 5): 4/5

Fun Factor (out of 5): 5/5

Class Overview: From the moment I stepped into the studio, I felt such positive energy. Both Dennys and Farouk introduced themselves to me right away, realizing that I was new to The Fhitting Room. Dennys asked, “Any injuries?” to which I replied “Nope!” He laughed and said, “Haha, should’ve lied ;).” Cue excitement and nerves. I was lucky to be part of a super small class – only 6 of us. With two instructors, the ratio was 3:1, so we’d all get plenty of attention and “not get away with anything!”, as our trainers reminded us. They led us through what we would be doing on our Wednesday Hump-Day Workout:


The only time I ever see workouts written out on boards like this is on the Instagram accounts of my friends who do CrossFit so I was a little intimidated. But I liked being able to see exactly where the class was going – regardless of what terrifying things laid ahead of me (aka burpees). I was impressed by the way the duo presented the workout together – finishing each other’s sandwiches sentences and picking up exactly where the other left off to explain the next station.

Class began as the guys pumped up the music. Both instructors were heavily involved the whole time – ensuring everyone’s form was correct so that we were benefitting the most from each of the exercises, and to prevent us from putting too much pressure anywhere we shouldn’t be. They were super encouraging. When I got around to the Box Jumps in my circuit, I turned to Dennys and let him know there was “no way” I’d be able to jump on top of that 20″ high black box. But he stayed with me until I did it right. And call me naive but I think he was truly excited when I finally got it. Furthermore, for every move there were two modifications: one to make the exercise harder, and one to make it easier. The Circuit and Strength sessions left me sweaty and tired, but the toughest and last part of the class is called the “FHIX” – which stands for Functional High Intensity Mix. During the FHIX you complete as many reps as you can of the mini circuit for 3 minutes, with a one minute recovery in between before repeating it a second time. In case you were wondering, Burpees + Dumbbell Jacks + Kettlebell Swings for 3 mins 2x = Kristen laying on the ground ready for a nap. Dennys & Farouk wrapped up class with a relaxing stretch sesh set to Celine Dion’s “Because You Loved Me.” It was nice – real nice.

Overall, The Fhitting Room is worth the weight wait. I’ll never stop trying to get in at noon on the dot because I would LOVE if this super effective and fun workout could become part of my at least semi-regular exercise rotation. Big shoutout to the instructors, who I truly feel make the class. Yes, it’s a functional workout – that’s obvious to anyone – but the energy radiating from the trainers is what really brought this one home for me. My sore muscles say thank you!



Additional Details:

  • Lockers, Bathrooms and Changing Rooms are available at the Flatiron location. BYO Water bottle.
  • Cool looking swag for sale up front. Since I’m basically obsessed with Fhitting Room at this point, I’ll need to convince someone to buy me some of this
  • You’ll get a funky green towel to use for your workout
  • Come ready to work – and give it your all. This is one of those “get out of it what you put into it” classes, so challenge yourself!
  • There’s a lot of jumping around + pushups + burpees so ladies, I’d recommend more fitted shirts that don’t ride up as you jump around.

Will Visit Again?: Take it away Brit…

ObviouslyCan’t wait to get my Fhix again soon 😉


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