Queens | Better Body Bootcamp [Personal Post]

This post is a little different than my usual ones because this studio is close to home, but is not on ClassPass. That being said – I think it is worth sharing about if you ever find yourself in Bayside, Whitestone, or Great Neck in Queens/Long Island. I was born and raised in Queens so this studio is right in my old stomping grounds – so I may be a little biased. Anyway, here goes.

I actually credit my mom, Marypat, with finding Better Body Bootcamp, or BBB as the trainers and members refer to it as. About a year and a half ago she bought a LivingSocial deal for a one month membership and she hasn’t looked back since. But if she did look back, she’d see a fit little booty behind her – because BBB has made her the fittest mommy on the block. Eventually, I went with her to give it a try, and Kaiser, the owner and my trainer the very first time, kicked my ass. Here’s my breakdown of BBB and why you should hop on the LIRR to Bayside and take a class there sometime.


Basic Breakdown 

Class Name: Better Body Bootcamp

Instructor(s): Kaiser Serajuddin

Neighborhood: Bayside, Queens

Sweat Factor (out of 5): 4/5

Fun Factor (out of 5): 5/5

Class Overview: The first thing you’ll notice about BBB when you walk into the Bayside location is the exact quality that I think makes this studio different than the rest – the open, welcoming atmosphere. I remember my first time walking into the studio and Kaiser, the founder, yelling hello to my mom by name from across the room, and asking who was with her. I introduced myself once – and Kaiser never forgot my name. That personal greeting from the very start was a game changer. Yes, my initial reaction was “Sh*t, if this guy knows my name now, he’s totally gonna call me out if I suck.” And.. that’s kind of true, that did happen. But in the best way! And it made it so much more personal knowing you were not just a body in the room; the instructors there really care about doing each move correctly and benefitting the most from the routine.


The routines themselves? Total killers. Because I live full time in Manhattan I’m usually only at BBB for their weekend classes which are Full Body & Cardio workouts – my favorite. Kaiser has officially dubbed Sundays as “Psycho Sunday,” so you know it’s good. Or bad. So bad it’s good? Classes start right on time – usually with a warm up consisting of jumping jacks, high knees, and/or a few laps around the studio to get your heart pumping. From this point on, every class I’ve ever done has been different. The trainers mix combinations of moves that are always working more than one muscle at once – think abs and arms, legs and booty, etc. The only thing every class that I’ve ever done at BBB has in common is that I get an amazing workout every time. It’s tough as hell and there’s not a lot of downtime but for the hour that you’re in the studio, you are making every minute count. The instructors keep everyone motivated throughout and offer modifications when needed. The classes are unique and innovative, using different pieces of equipment and techniques to make every workout different than the last. I’m talking kettle bells, dumbbells, TRX machines, box-jumps, equalizers, etc. I mentioned I’m rarely there during the week but the schedules vary day to day, targeting different muscle groups – making it ideal for hitting every part of your body through he week without overdoing it. It’s designed for consistency – it’s designed for regular membership. And I think that’s why it succeeds.


What I notice about BBB, and I’m sure this is true of many studios, is that there is something to be said about the community of people. I used to chuckle a little at places that called their members “family,” because I would think to myself, at the end of the day, this is really just a business. Right? Why else would someone put that much time into something? BBB is the first place I can honestly say doesn’t feel like that. From the personal attention throughout and the way the staff remembers people’s names to Kaiser’s regular e-mails to all the members, it’s pretty apparent that the staff is looking to build a “community” rather than just a loyal “customer base.” Hell, I’m not even a member – I pay per class – and I still feel like I’m part of it! Although often, rather than “Kristen,” my name is “Little Marypat.” I guess Mom makes quite an impression.

I got it from my Mama!

I got it from my Mama!

Whatever Kaiser does – it works. I’m a huge fan. Not a bad thing to say about it.

Additional Details:

  • Bring with you: a water bottle & towels. You can buy water there, but no towels are available.
  • AWESOME apparel. I eye the booty shorts every time I”m there, and I can often be found rocking my BBB zip-up hoodie around the city.
  • Come ready to give it your all. The harder you work in this class, the more you will get out of it.
  • There are two bathrooms but not a ton of room to change.
  • There is sometimes lots of partner work so be ready to potentially pair up with a sweaty friend 🙂
  • Trainers are pretty easy on the eyes, too 😉 Some extra motivation never hurt anyone.

Will Visit Again?: Of course. Next Saturday, in fact. You hear that, Kaiser? Save me a spot!

I highly recommend giving this class a try – I promise you won’t regret it!


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