TriBeCa | Drill Fitness | Multiple Classes

My obsession with Drill Fitness went from 0 – 100 real quick.

I checked it out thanks to an old friend, Michelle Lamelza, with whom I worked in a restaurant prior to moving to Manhattan. Michelle now teaches at a few different studios across the city, and I saw her posting on Instagram about Drill Fitness. She would hashtag #IntensityIsAddictive in a bunch of her posts and I was like “Damn, sounds legit.” I was so curious as to what this TriBeCa studio that I had never heard of was and so I signed up to try it out. How did it turn out? Well, they always said I’d find love where I least expected it. ❤

Main Studio with lots of natural light - for HIIT and Lean Burn classes

Main Studio with lots of natural light – for HIIT and Lean Burn classes

Basic Breakdown

Class Name: Focus: Arms & Shoulders; HIIT

Instructor(s): Justin Sanchez, Diana Mitrea

Neighborhood: TriBeCa

Sweat Factor (out of 5): 5/5

Fun Factor (out of 5): 3/5

Class Overview: So I have done two different classes at Drill at this point, so I’ll do a brief recap of both.

HIIT – I’ve taken two HIIT classes with Diana and I could not believe how hard she kicked my ass – both times. The HIIT classes consist of “drills” – two or three moves done for a set amount of time followed by a rest, 2 – 3 rounds through. Think kettlebell swings, squats, lunges, weighted shoulder presses, etc. Then, there is a Tabata round – if you’re familiar with Tabata you know how that leaves you huffing and puffing by the end. Then, repeat that whole process another time or two, and wrap up class with some serious core work that will leave your abs burning. Besides the fact that the workout itself is insanely effective (and hard as hell), the instructors push you to give it your all. “Don’t make me come over and tell you in front of everyone that I know you can work harder,” Diana yelled in one of our classes. “Just give it your all! You can do it!” It’s challenging, but super motivating.

Added bonus: they encourage students to borrow heart rate monitors from the front desk for each class. I was SO glad I did this. It helps you see where you’re at in terms of your effort through the class. Meaning during the drills/Tabatas, you want to be up “in the red,” where your heart rate is highest, and bring it down while you are resting between sets. This really helps you visualize the workout in front of you and see exactly where you stand and how much harder you can push yourself. Don’t make plans to do too much the day after one of these HIIT classes because your body will be hurtin’ real good.

Studio for Focus Classes with Versaclimbers

Studio for Focus Classes with Versaclimbers

Focus: Arms & Shoulders – I took this class on a whim. I have essentially no upper arm strength or definition and after recently wearing a shoulder-bearing dress to an event realized that I need to not forget about my arms. I had never done a class, ever, with a focus on my arms so I was completely convinced my arms would just fall off in defeat. (Spoiler alert: they didn’t. But it was close.) This class, with Justin, was set up in circuits, utilizing dumbbells, Concept 2 Rowers, and Versaclimbers (simulated ladder-climb machine). There were three circuits through, and each circuit included two stops at each station. Sometimes the focus was on speed, other times on form, but the circuit was designed to target each part of your arm/shoulder effectively. Justin was an amazing instructor. I was inspired by his arms (and by inspired I mean “in love with,” but you know the drill). I was sore for DAYS after this class. Although the focus was only on specific areas, the class still kept your heart rate up by incorporating cardio. They can’t not leave us sweaty messes, after all – another slogan for the studio is #EarnYourShower.

Overall, the classes I have done at Drill have felt to be the most effective of any other studio I’ve found on ClassPass. It’s like every move is chosen with intent vs. other places, where I feel as if instructors have set-in-stone routines and are just going through the motions. It’s the first studio that’s mad me consider buying classes outside my ClassPass package – 3x a month just doesn’t feel like enough. So to the Drill family….

Spongebob Thank You

Additional Details: 

  • Lockers, Bathrooms, and Showers all located downstairs. Everything is clean and high quality. Plenty of hair ties, sprays and lotions so you can go on with your day after your sweat sesh
  • SUPER YUMMY smoothies available for purchase at the front desk – I tried the Pumpkin Peanut Butter…. #nomnomnom
  • Plenty of towels for you to use during/after class
  • Heart rate monitors can be borrowed from the front desk
  • Tons of different class offerings – try them all! I plan to 🙂
  • Take a class with Michelle if you can. She is an angel but will kick your ass 😉

Will Visit Again?: Hell yeah!


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