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I’m going to be 100% honest as I begin this post, as I am a terrible liar and I believe I owe it to anyone reading this to be entirely transparent about my experience at each of these studios that I try. My roommate called me after she had tried a class at Solace and, although completely out of breath, she managed to gasp “Kenny from The Challenge was the instructor of the class I just took!” I hadn’t watched the show, but I knew of Jess’s obsession with it. So after her breathing had slowed to a normal pace, she told me a little more about the class (and about how I just had to see Kenny in person!) and I agreed to work it into my ClassPass rotation.

I was super intimidated by the name of the studio -“CrossFit Solace.” CrossFit? Me? Not two things I would normally put together. But I checked out the description of the class:

Sweat and burn. Strengthen and tone. Shred insane calories. Stop going to classes that don’t teach you anything.”

I was like …oh. These are things I want to do while working out. Okay, I’ll try it. So off I went, on a Monday evening after work, across town to CrossFit Solace with Kenny Santucci.

Solace Logo

Basic Breakdown

Class Name: Solace Body

Instructor(s): Kenny Santucci

Neighborhood: NoMad

Sweat Factor (out of 5): 5/5

Fun Factor (out of 5): 3/5

Class Overview: I arrived at Solace for my 6:45 class and saw the class before me finishing up, and I was immediately terrified. Everyone kind of looked like they were… dying. I tried instead to distract myself by the sleek, clean look of the studio. Bare wood featured simple yet elegant lettering spelling out ‘SOLACE’ on the back wall of the studio. The space was open, airy, and smelled clean – despite the obvious perspiration on each of the class participants’ foreheads. Green moss covered some of the wall space. The entire place resembled an urban garden / playground.


I changed (after checking out the immaculately clean bathroom that shares the urban garden feel) and headed out to the main area, again trying not to watch the class before me struggle to finish their last circuits. The class finally ended and immediately, Kenny called his 6:45 class into the training area. :gulp: His next victims.

Spoiler alert: I survived. But not unscathed. The class was tough. Or as the kids are saying these days, “hard AF.” We started immediately – no introductions or easing into the routine. We each grabbed kettle bells for our warm up. The circuit consisted of one arm kettle bell swings (20 seconds each arm), kettlebell round 8s, and circling the kettle bell around our heads. The “strength” portion consisted of kettle bell snatches and deadlifts – ‘Tabata style’ – 5 rounds of 20 seconds each.

Screen Shot 2015-11-24 at 3.13.40 PM


Then there was the “Conditioning” portion. Here’s where my whole life flashed before my eyes. We did an intense circuit four times through. First circuit lasted :30, then 1:00, followed by :45 and a final :30 circuit. We started on the ‘Assault AirBikes’ and assault you they do. Then we did push-up-pull-throughs, plyo-lunges, rows on hanging rings, and box jumps. It was brutal; I’ll admit, I needed to hold Kenny’s hand for the first few box jumps (poor me!). But I made it through without falling on my face!


Overall – for lack of better terminology, I got my ass kicked. But what a workout. Kenny had a “tough love” attitude, calling you out and pushing you hard even when you thought you couldn’t, but I work well under pressure like that. Plus he’s pretty easy on the eyes so it’s hard to not feel a little extra motivated 😉


Additional Details: 

  • Super clean locker / shower area with towels available for use
  • No towels allowed in the main workout area!
  • There’s also a yoga class offering here that I’d like to try, as well as the ‘Sculpt’ class.
  • I recommend Kenny’s class if you have the option!

Will Visit Again?: Absolutely. Once I can walk normally again. :-p


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