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Hi all!

It’s been a busy few weeks at work so I’ve been letting blogging take a back seat – but after working my “seat” so hard last night, I felt inclined to share my experience.

I’ve actually been meaning to review barre3 for a while. While I was on ClassPass, this was one of my I need to be on my phone at noon on the dot to reserve! classes. My obsession with barre in general was born this year, and I simply can’t get enough of it. Exhale, Pure Barre, The Bar Method, FlyBarre, Physique 57… the list goes on, I love each and every studio, and look forward to barre class every single time. Hey ClassPass! Make me a “BarrePass” app and let me just work my ass, abs, thighs and tris, whaddya say?!

Anyway, my birthday was last week, and barre3 generously offers their students a free class within the month of their birthday. So last night I visited the Greenwich Village location, just north of Washington Square Park.


Basic Breakdown

Class Name: barre3

Instructor(s): Skylar Stetten

Neighborhood: Greenwich Village

Sweat Factor (out of 5): 3/5

Fun Factor (out of 5): 4/5

Class Overview: My favorite day of the week to do barre is Wednesdays. Something about Hump Day gets me in the mood for some squats and tucks. So I was very excited to have this on my schedule. The studio is super cute: small and compact in the lobby and waiting area, but because the workout area itself isn’t huge, there aren’t that many people present at a given time. The girls are reception are very sweet and welcoming, and the place is immactulately clean and well organized. After checking in and heading into the well-lit studio, myself and the other ladies in the class grabbed a resistance band, two sets of weights (I did 2 lbs and 4 lbs), and barre3’s signature bright orange resistance ball before finding a spot at the barre. My class was taught by Skylar, who was absolutely adorable. Smiley and energetic throughout the whole class, she really made the burn hurt a little less.


What makes barre3 different from some other studios I’ve taken classes at (and why I’m quite fond of it) is the amount of time you spend elevating your heart rate. My boyfriend recently asked me, “When you leave barre class, sometimes you’re not even sweaty. Is it even a work out?” And I kind of share that mentality.  I know it’s wrong, but it’s just how my mind works. If I don’t sweat, I feel unsatisfied, like I haven’t worked hard enough. Which is why in barre3, those sections of large, dynamic moves to “flush out” your body really make me feel like I’m getting a total workout, and sculpting more of my body than in a traditional barre class.


We began in the center of the room with some squats and weighted moves to wake up different muscles in our legs and booty. After we were warmed up (and I was sweaty), the group headed back to the barre for some thigh work. We went back and forth from the center of the room, where we did some cardio work and isometric holds, to the barre for toning and small range movements that made me shake like a leaf. The class ended on a mat, with some booty-bridge moves and an ab sequence that I basically cried through (on the inside). I know I only gave barre3 a 3/5 on “sweat score” – that doesn’t mean it’s not hard. It’s like, really hard. Like closing my eyes and breathing through the burn hard at times hard. But I LIVE for that burn, let me tell you. Regardless, I always leave feeling so revived, and so strong – and isn’t that why we’re all working out anyway?


Basically, if it’s not apparent enough, I really love this place. I love the studio layout, I love the staff and instructors, I love the workout. I love barre in general, but this place, for some reason, holds this warm little place in my heart. In my happiest hour, you can find me at the barre. 😉

Additional Details:

  • Towels available, as well as water (but bring a bottle to fill up. Save the enviro, people!)
  • No showers, but changing rooms available.
  • There is plenty of locker space / hooks to store your stuff and hang your coats.
  • Socks are optional – I went barefoot, but if you wear socks, I’d recommend the grip socks so you don’t slide around.
  • Take Skylar’s class! She is a gem.

Picture above: not me. 

*Bonus: You can also purchase a monthly membership to stream barre3 classes online. If you have an actual living room (and not a “walkway/kitchen/dining room/hallway/living room” like I do in my apartment), you can totally do this workout with a chair and a few barre essentials (ball, dumbbells, resistance bands!) at home. A great option! Totally telling my mom to give it a shot :p

Will Visit Again?: You know I will! One of the few places I will probably consider buying classes on top of my gym membership. Thanks, barre3!


Me, during barre3 – just shake, shake, shaking it 😉

barre3 Images from: (1) Well & Good, (2) Well & Good, (3) barre3 Facebook page, (4) barre3 Facebook page.


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