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I can’t believe it’s already July. This year is absolutely flying by.

In fact, it was just about a year ago that I first joined ClassPass which, in my opinion, was my biggest step towards fitness and wellness. While I had been an active gym-goer prior to joining, ClassPass allowed me to expand my horizons and explore the different ways to exercise. Lately I’ve been missing it quite a bit, and have been considering going back to it or trying out ClassPass competitor FitReserve for a month or two after summer is over. The price is steep, but as I discussed with a coworker yesterday, investing in your health is always a good investment. Plus, I really think I was happier with my fitness routine when I had the variety offered by ClassPass. Whatever, I’ll think about it.

Anyway, onto the main focus of this post: BRICK New York. BRICK was a studio I always intended to try while on ClassPass but for some reason never got around to it. I remember my roommate and a few of the Tone It Up girls in NYC saying that the workout was a very intense one, similar to the CrossFit Solace Body classes. So, after an extremely indulgent Fourth of July weekend, I figured it was a good time to kick my ass a little bit so that my body didn’t get too used to lounging on beaches and feasting on burgers and beers.


Basic Breakdown

Class Name: B|X

Instructor(s): Kirsten Chilstrom

Neighborhood: Chelsea

Sweat Factor (out of 5): 5/5

Fun Factor (out of 5): 3/5

Class Overview: I arrived at the studio and after checking in and storing my bags downstairs in a locker, was directed towards the room where the B|X classes were held. Here at BRICK Chelsea, they offer their B|X Class, CrossFit, Running Endurance, and a new offering, B|Fit. (In case you’re interested, the B|Fit classes are closer to true CrossFit style, with barbells, weights and “gymnastics” – it’s a full body conditioning workout, but weights are not as heavy as CrossFit classes.) B|X, the class I was taking, is more strength building with “explosive dynamic movements,” incorporating smaller weights like kettle bells and medicine balls with body weight moves and cardio bursts.


The B|X room was equipped with Trueform treadmills, bikes, and rowers; there were racks for dumbbells of various sizes, kettle bells, ab mats, and medicine balls. Our instructor for the day, Kirsten Chilstrom (who by the way, was one of the most fabulous looking women I have EVER seen), stood at the front by a dry erase board with what looked like a workout written on it. Kirsten made fun of us for just sitting around waiting for class to start, and encouraged us to do some cardio to warm up (which I totally did because when a woman like Kirsten tells you to run, you run).

Class was, for lack of a better word, fierce. I was right in my initial assumption that the board at the front was a workout… but it was only our warmup. I’ll list our full workout below (I breathlessly wrote it down in my iPhone Memos on my subway ride home), but it was 10 minutes of work that left me sweaty and panting. After the warm up, the rest of our workout consisted of four 7-minute stations, one boasting a more intense sequence than the next, and cooled down with a Tabata-style plank sequence. Here was our workout, from warm up to cool down:

Warm Up: 3 Rounds of the below:
-1 minute row or run
-3 wall walks (click here to see what those are. Spoiler alert: I couldn’t do them)
-6 push-ups
-9 air squats
-12 sets forward lunges

Station One: AMRAP (That’s ‘CrossFit’ for As Many Rounds As Possible) in 7 minutes
-100m on the treadmill
-6 kettlebell snatches (left hand)
-6 kettlebell swings (left hand)
-24 grasshoppers
-6 kettlebell snatches (right hand)
-6 kettlebell swings (right hand)
-24 grasshoppers

Station Two: Try to get through the whole set in 7 minutes! (Spoiler alert #2: I didn’t.)
– 70 jumping jacks
-60 v-ups
-50 air squats
-40 kettlebell swings
-30 sit-ups
-20 hand-release push-ups

Station Three: AMRAP in 7 minutes
-15 calories on the rowing machine
-5 burpees

Station Four: AMRAP in 7 minutes
-15 wall balls
-20 lateral jumps
-20 Russian twists with medicine ball

“Cool Down” Tabata Sequence x 3
-20 seconds forearm plank, 10 seconds off
-20 seconds right arm plank, 10 seconds off
-20 seconds left arm plank, 10 seconds off



Aka it was super hard, but I absolutely loved it. Although it was a lot of hard work the 45 minutes absolutely FLEW by. After months of complaining to my boyfriend that the workout classes at my new gym aren’t hard enough, I finally got the workout I was looking for. One that left me flat on my back, heart pounding, dripping with sweat, but ready to get my next class on the calendar.

CrossFit gets a lot of heat for a lot of different reasons but one thing that is not lacking in a CrossFit gym like BRICK is encouragement from everyone around you. Regardless of the fact that I am not a regular there, or that my workout routine lately is more barre3 than BRICK, everyone in the studio was friendly and supportive. Even as class ended, as I was picking myself up off the floor, one of the other B|Xers came over to ask how my first class was, and to let me know it’s still just as challenging the third, fourth and fifth time. After which, Kirsten, overhearing us, chimed in, “You make it challenging! You do all the work yourself!.”

Still a little sore two days later, but well worth an awesome class at BRICK.


Additional Details:

  • You’ll receive a little orange towel for the class for the 15 gallons of sweat you will lose.
  • Lockers are B.Y.O.L (Bring your own lock… lol). They’re also separate from the bathroom / shower / changing room area, so you’ll have to bring all your stuff in with you if you need to wash up after class.
  • I happen to have very soft and ladylike hands (hehe) and could’ve benefitted from little workout gloves with the heavy kettlebell & rowing machine usage. So if you’re like me maybe bring those along.
  • They’ve got refreshments for sale up front, and I saw that they are a Kettlebell Kitchen delivery location. I remember some old CrossFit friends talking about that once, so probably a big selling point for some more than others.

Will Visit Again?: Hell yeah.. mostly to redeem myself 😉



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